Monday, 30 September 2013

I wish it could be Christmas everyday...

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat so it must be time for Lichfield Mysteries to start working on a Nativity production!
We are doing something completely different this year - well, the story's the same - obviously! - but we are doing 'pop-up' Nativities, in conjunction with Lichfield's Late Night Listeners. If you haven't encountered the Late Night Listeners then you obviously don't spend Friday and Saturday nights partying in Lichfield City Centre! They are a lovely bunch of people who set up a stall with tea and coffee and look out for people who may have had too much to drink, be in distress or just want a chat. They provide a sympathetic ear, point people in the direction of taxis and will even supply emergency flip-flops if your 7'' heels are proving a bit too much. We are going to put together a short, entertaining version of the Nativity and the weekend before Christmas we will be 'popping-up' outside some of the favourite pubs between 10.30 and midnight to entertain and generally add to the  festive mood.
If this appeals to you and you would like to get involved with the Nativity please get in touch via the Mysteries website
Ho Ho Ho!!!

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