Friday, 7 February 2014

Busy, busy, busy...

Three of our community engagement projects are now underway - it's really exciting when the work you have been planning for ages actually starts to happen!

Wednesday 5th February
Rehearsals for At the Crossroads have now started - an outline of all the scenes of the play has been devised so work has now started on the actual dialogue, music lyrics and ways of setting the scenes.
Director Simon hard at work!

Thursday 6th February
The Friends2Friends group were introduced  to Peter who is going to be pulling together and directing their drama piece which will celebrate their second birthday in May. After a bit of a chat, Peter cut to the chase and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing drama games - lots of fun on a dreary wet afternoon!

And to round off the week...
Friday 7th February
Changes Burntwood were treated to a poetry workshop led by Gary and Mal.  Creative writing is well out of my comfort zone so I felt the time had come to face up to my poetical fears and have a go myself. Everyone joined in and contributed their thoughts and ideas Two hours flew by and we all felt that actually, maybe we could write poetry after all! Next instalment next week.


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